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Last updated 6/25/2002

A not for profit organization
with a mission of improving the quality of life for the disabled or disadvantaged by utilizing and coordinating the technological
resources of the community.

As founder of the Center for Computer Redistribution, Inc., I am constantly amazed at how much useful equipment is thrown away everyday.  Companies and individuals with no energy or time to find a person in need - this is where we fit in.
We take donations, and repair or upgrade them, to be given away

free to persons with disabilities.

This provides the recipients a way to get out with no transportation needed; is safe, inexpensive, always different, a fabulous educational/vocational tool, and always available.

It is clearly a WIN-WIN situation; the donor gets the old equipment picked up for free at their convenience and saves on disposal fees, we keep our skills sharp by repairing/upgrading, and the limited income person receives another alternative.
Our organization is all volunteer, with no paid employees and very little overhead, so we are very efficient.

We also provide unlimited repair and support, as well as free delivery and setup along with basic instruction in the Richmond, Virginia area. (USA)

Thanks for your interest,

Ted Taylor


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Office hours 9am to 5pm EST Monday-Friday

Center for Computer Redistribution, Inc.
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